Investor Relations

Today’s market presents many uncertainties.  With interest rates at historically low levels and a volatile stock market, many investors are left scratching their heads wondering where to invest their hard earned income.  Real estate investing offers a safe and tangible investment vehicle that can offer significantly greater returns than traditional asset class investments.  Dowd Development will help you find properties to invest in, handle the acquisition, rehab or construction, listing the property, selling the property, escrow and distribute the ROI to the investors.

Once a project is selected through Dowd Development’s management agreement, investors will choose what level of investment they want to have in that project. Dowd Development will provide all investors with secure access to view properties, account balances, closed P&Ls, research, and other information regarding the property vested in.  In addition, investors will be provided physical access to the actual properties they have invested in. Our team approach to our development process maintains an open door policy where all investors will feel involved, informed and part of the Dowd Development team.

Real estate investing is also a good way to hedge current residency and rentals.  If you own your personal residence along with a rental property or two, short-term real estate investments give you an opportunity to stay fluid in the market.   With these investments, investors can average down long-term investments in the event of a drop in property price.  Dowd Development’s average property has been sold in less than twelve months.   Dowd Development has never failed to provide a ROI to our investors from over 50 development projects we have completed.